As the 3rd Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chief of the National Guard Bureau―a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff―Denise Jelinski-Hall achieved the highest position ever held by an enlisted woman in U.S. Military history.

Denise's Blog

My blog is a forum for conversations about the issues affecting our veterans, our military members, and their families—especially the spouses who so faithfully support our Armed Forces. I will also focus my thoughts on the trials and triumphs of women leaders in the workplace. I travel extensively, but will always do my best to keep up with your thoughts, advice, and guidance.

“Throughout her life journey, Denise has demonstrated magnificently how to balance between her military and civilian careers, while being a mother to her children, a wife to her military husband, and a role model for leadership in the corporate world.”

Kenneth Preston, 13th Sergeant Major of the Army (Retired), and Vice President, NCO and Soldier Programs Association of the United States Army (AUSA)

“A journey like no other—with challenges around every turn of her history-making adventure to the Pentagon. I am proud to have worked side-by-side with her while leading the men and women of the National Guard of the United States!”

Richard J. Burch, Command Sergeant Major (Ret.), 9th Command Sergeant Major, Army National Guard

“Chief Jelinski-Hall’s story portrays the true “American Spirit” upon which this Great Nation has been forged. Born from humble beginnings, and through hard work, dedication, and the fervor to succeed, she exemplifies the belief that anything is possible. Her patriotism, warrior ethos, and faith epitomize what it takes to be a true leader at the highest levels.”

—Darryll Wong, Major General (Ret.), Hawai’i Adjutant General, United States Air Force