“A powerful story-teller of faith, family, and country, Denise reveals like no other the courage it takes to try, succeed, and live to tell about life’s often improbable journey.”
                                                                       — Linda Lingle, former Governor of Hawaii

Denise Jelinski-Hall is the wife of a U.S. Marine, a mother of four, and a graduate of Trident University International. She is also a former air traffic controller, a combat airspace manager, and the first and only enlisted woman in the history of the United States Armed Forces to serve as a Senior Advisor to a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—with responsibility for representing the voices of more than 415,000 enlisted National Guard Soldiers and Airmen on issues ranging from health to family to professional development.

Having achieved the highest position ever held by an enlisted woman in the annals of our country’s Military, Denise shattered more glass than your neighborhood Little League team. Relying on her unstoppable work ethic and “never give up, never quit” attitude, Denise accomplished what no other woman—even to this date—has accomplished. A lifetime learner who, like a sponge, soaked up the leadership behaviors of America’s highest-ranking military and political leaders—a band of mentors like no other—Denise now inspires others to leadership through her timeless story of dedication, perseverance and faith as well as her dedication to mentoring to rise to their maximum leadership potential.

Denise published her first book, From the Prairie to the Pentagonin late 2017. This biographical story chronicles her inspirational journey from the family farm to a seat at the table with the most powerful civilian and military leaders in the world. It is a timeless American story of success, determination, love of country, and faith, and a must-read for anyone either in a leadership role or aspiring to leadership.

In 2018, Denise and five colleagues, collectively Summit Six, LLC, published a ground-breaking leadership anthology, Breaching The Summit, that brings the personal stories, experiences, and lessons learned through a lifetime of service to every walk of life. With leadership at a premium in both the public and private sectors, the authors weave their hard-earned philosophies and experiences into the book, describing along the way how and what it takes to become an effective leader. To learn more about Summit Six, LLC, click here.